M a r t i n     L a r i v i e r e
A             r             t             i             s            t   

This is a 6" by 12" porcelain  tile  hand painted by Martin Lariviere, He's a Montreal fine art painter and designer. This piece is his 4 th painting on porcelain,  It won a gold ribbon at the International Porcelain Artist & Teachers association show in Nashville Tennessee in summer 2008.

Porcelain painting is one of the hardest medium to paint with, if not the hardest. Painting with an oily paint on a glazed surface is very tricky because both are slidy, without the right angle a brush stroke will leave nothing on the porcelain. In a word, just to apply paint is quite a challenge, to do so well, even more  challenging.

It is also time taking because the colors need to be built a thin layer at a time, the piece needs to be fired at very high temperatures. Some colors changes, fades, intensifies, or down right disappear during firing. The piece could even crack or break. Each time you open your kiln, you can have good or bad surprises.  

.That's what makes it hard to get the good results you hope for.

So why do it? Because when it's right, it is well worth it, porcelain painting is also one of the most beautiful and wonderful forms of painting  there is, oddly enough it's also one of the most unknown in it's modern form.

The way porcelain reacts to the light, it catches and reflex it beautifully.  From the intensity of the light, the painting changes threw out the day, it's an amazing thing. Also the colors never fade, even in direct sun light. It's water resistant, so perfect for humid conditions, as well as very dry condition. 

A piece of art that can be passed down for generations, and be appreciated just about anywhere

If you are interested by any painted piece, please let us know

Martin  has been porcelain painting since 2007.

C L I C K    O N    T H E    S M A L L     P H O T O S    T O    E N L A R G E

all pictures are copyright, and the exclusive propriety of Martin Lariviere, do not copy without written permission.

Fine art porcelain painter
Interior Designer


Martin Lariviere in 2007

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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